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Let all that you do, be done in love.  

1 Corinthians 16:14


All about Class Pendle: 

This year, in our mixed EYFS/Year 1 class we have 20 Reception children and 10 Year 1 children. 


All about the staff: 

Our teacher is Mrs Swire and we are supported by Mrs Variyam, Mrs Hussain, Mrs Nazir, Mrs Kinsella and Mrs Romanska.

Mrs Barnes will teach our Year 1 Maths lessons, Mr Bowie will teach our Year 1 PE lessons and Miss Peel will teach our Year 1 RE lessons. 

We have six reading teachers: Mrs Hussain, Mrs Romanska, Mrs Mahmood, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Swire and Mrs Hanif.  We work in ability groups for phonics and our reading teacher changes each half term. 


Key Information:

PE: Year 1 have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child comes to school in their PE Kit on this day.  

Reading: Our reading books link in with our phonics groups. The frequency of when your child's book is changed depends on which group your child is in:

  • Set 1 letters - a daily letter sheet linked to the sound learnt that day 
  • Sound blending books - as and when set one sounds are learnt and your child can orally blend
  • Ditties - daily paper ditties are sent home
  • Red Ditties -  every three days (two books)
  • Green, Purple, Pink & Orange Books - every three days (two books)
  • Yellow, Blue and Grey books - every five days (two/three books)

Library: Our Library day is Monday.  On this day, if you are ready to change your library book, then send it into school.  You can keep your library book for two weeks if you are really enjoying it. 


Outdoor Provision: We have free-flow access to out outdoor area and it is used in all weather types.  It is essential that your child comes to school in a coat every day (even if it is sunny in the morning).  We recommend that you send in a pair of wellies for your child to wear outdoors on rainy days. These will live on our wellie rack outside. 


Phonics in Pendle:

Click here to go to our phonics page where you will find lots of ideas to support your child at home. 


Come and take a look at what we have been up to in class...

We got 100% attendance! We are so proud of ourselves AND we get a non-uniform day too! 


Look at our beautful garden. We have all worked very hard to make it look like this. We are excited to try the peapods! 

IMG_8203.JPG IMG_8205.JPG IMG_8209.JPG  IMG_8222.JPG

IMG_8223.JPG IMG_8225.JPG IMG_8226.JPG IMG_8204.JPG

Snack Time 

On Thursdays we have toast for snack.  This week we have started learning to butter the toast by ourselves. It was tricky but great fun.

IMG_4805.JPG  IMG_4806.JPG  IMG_4808.JPG  

IMG_4811.JPG  IMG_4812.JPG  IMG_4813.JPG


Marvellous Maths

Here is a snap shot of some of the maths tasks we have enjoyed this year: 

IMG_3476.JPG   IMG_1642.JPG    IMG_3012.JPG   IMG_4520.JPG

IMG_2965.JPG   IMG_3089.JPG    IMG_4218.JPG    IMG_2464.JPG   IMG_4652.JPG

IMG_4819.JPG   IMG_4474.JPG   IMG_4649.JPG      IMG_4847.JPG

Understanding the World - Stories Jesus Heard

In RE, we enjoyed listening to a range of stories from the Old Testament in the Bible. The stories we learned were: Noah's Ark, Daniel in the Lion's Den, Jonah and the Whale and Joseph and his coat of many colours. 

Pop to the gallery here to see more photos. 

IMG_4333.JPG  IMG_4338.JPG  IMG_4353.JPG

Fun in the Snow - January 2023

What better time to learn about ice than when it is freezing cold outside? This week, we have enjoyed spending time investigating frozen water, building snowmen, sledging and even taking part in a mini snowball fight.  

Click here to see more photos in our gallery. 

IMG_3740.JPG  IMG_3741.JPG IMG_3846.JPG 

IMG_3843.JPG  IMG_4095.JPG  IMG_3904.JPG

Going, going, gone...

Day 1, day 2, day 3...

IMG_4095.JPG  IMG_4280.JPG  IMG_4289.JPG

Art & Design Year 1 ~ Sculptures

This half term (Spring 1), Year 1 have been looking at 3D art and have created work using clay, junk modelling and newspaper.  Their final outcome is a large 3D spider sculpture inspired by Louise Bourgeois' 'Maman' spider sculpture (1999). 

Click here to go to our gallery. 

IMG_1264.JPG IMG_1269.JPG IMG_1279.JPG

Literacy - The Tale of Jack Frost

The children were amazing when retelling and innovating the story of the week.

IMG_3769.JPG IMG_3774.JPG  IMG_3776.JPG  IMG_3780.JPG  

IMG_3781.JPG  IMG_3784.JPG  IMG_3785.JPG  IMG_3790.JPG

Understanding the World: People, Culture and Communities ~ Chinese New Year 

23rd January 2023

This week we have been learning all about the Chinese New Year.  We turned our home corner into a Chinese restaurant, tasted some new types of food, learnt about Chinese numbers and created our very own Dragon dance.  

Click here to go to our photo gallery. 

IMG_4358.JPG  IMG_4399.JPG  IMG_4400.JPG IMG_4372.JPG

Expressive Arts and Design ~ Drawing: Marvellous Marks 

Spring Term 1 2023

The children in EYFS have been exploring mark making using different media.  Below they are using chalk. They wanted to go outside but it would not stop raining! 

IMG_1786.JPG  IMG_1787.JPG  IMG_1789.JPG

Here they are using felt-pens: 

IMG_3538.JPG   IMG_3540.JPG  IMG_3543.JPG


Christmas Party Time! 

From pantomimes to parties - we have enjoyed celebrating all things Christmas! 

Click here to see our Christmas gallery. 

IMG_3193.JPG  IMG_3177.JPG  IMG_3252.JPG

Research in Geography 30th November 2022

The Year 1 children have been carrying out some research today.They were set a challenge to find out which animals lived in Antartica. 

IMG_3038.JPG  IMG_3039.JPG  IMG_3040.JPG  

IMG_3042(1).JPG  IMG_3041(1).JPG  IMG_3043.JPG

Children in Need 18th November 2022

We had a wonderful day dressed in our pyjamas and learning about the children our money will be helping.  Click to see more photos. 

web pic 1.JPG  web pic 2.JPG

EAD - Autumn loose parts portraits 13th October 2022

Look at these fabulous pieces of art! 

IMG_1888.JPG  IMG_1889.JPG  IMG_1890.JPG  IMG_1891.JPG  IMG_1892.JPG  IMG_1893.JPG

IMG_1894.JPG  IMG_1896.JPG  IMG_1897.JPG  IMG_1898.JPG  IMG_1900.JPG  IMG_1902.JPG  

  IMG_1905.JPG  IMG_1906.JPG  IMG_1907.JPG  IMG_1908.JPG  IMG_1909.JPG  IMG_1911.JPG

Harvest 2022

A big thank you to all the children who brought food donations into school this week.  


We have had a wonderful week learning all about Harvest and it was wrapped up with a lovely service at church (Years 1-6), or a service in the school hall (Reception children).  Have a look in our photo gallery to see all the wonderful things we have been doing over the week: Growing our own Making our own bread

IMG_1565.JPG  harvest websirte 1.JPG  harvest websirte 2.JPG

Our Year 1 children were thinking about things they were thankful for. They wrote these wonderful prayers this week. You can see the rest in our picture gallery

IMG_1405.JPG  IMG_1404.JPG  IMG_1403.JPG

Operation clean up! 

Today, the children in Class Pendle helped the grown-ups to clean our very dirty gardening cage and trolley.  What super helpers they were and what a super job they did! 

IMG_1409.JPG  IMG_1410.JPG  IMG_1411.JPG  IMG_1418.JPG

Parachute fun! 4.10.2022

The reception children had great fun this week whilst using the parachute.  See our gallery for more photos. 

IMG_1435.JPG  IMG_1434.JPG  IMG_1442.JPG  IMG_1448.JPG

28th September 2022 

Today year 1 worked super hard when exploring mechanisms in DT.  Visit our gallery to see more photos. 

IMG_1294.JPG  IMG_1295.JPG  IMG_1297.JPG  IMG_1308.JPG

26th September 2022

The children in reception enjoyed exploring paints using their fingers today.  They made some super creations. Check them out in our gallery. 

IMG_1172.JPG  IMG_1173.JPG  IMG_1176.JPG  

September 2022 

Welcome to Class Pendle!

May I take this opportunity to welcome all our new children and parents to our wonderful little school.  I am so happy to be back in Class Pendle and cannot wait to see everyone learn and grow over the coming school year. 

We have had two super transition weeks, where the reception children have been slowly introduced to some of our school routines and we are all now ready to start our full time curriculum. 

Our Year 1 children have been in full time and I am super proud of how well they are adapting to the Year 1 curriculum. They have all been working very hard and trying their best in all lessons.  

I am currently completing the Government Baseline assessments on our new reception children and will soon commence a WellComm assessment on all the children in Pendle.  We will use this to support the planning of Communication and Language tasks. 

We will start our Read Write Inc phonics and Numberland Maths sessions next week (week commencing 20th September) and I will keep you up to date with the children's progress via email.  Year 1's have already started their phonics and maths journey. 

Please check your emails regularly, especially for phonics videos to support the learning that takes place each day.  

If you need to talk to an adult, our door is always open and you can also email me at 

Thank you for visiting our webpage!

Mrs Swire 

Here's a sneak peak at our indoor environment: 

IMG_0753.JPG  IMG_0754.JPG  IMG_0755.JPG  IMG_0757.JPG

IMG_0758.JPG  IMG_0759.JPG  IMG_0760.JPG  IMG_0761.JPG






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