Wycoller 2023 - 2024

Mrs Macdonald

Deputy Headteacher


Wycoller is the year six class.  We are taught by Mrs Macdonald. Mrs Blades and Mrs Kinsella.. 

Key Information

PE: This takes place on Monday and Friday and is led by Mr Bowie or Mrs Macdonald.  Please ensure you wear your PE kit on these days.

Reading: Every child will read to an adult on a regular basis. Children can change books as soon as they have read them; they just need to ask.   If they have read at home and their reading record book is signed, they will receive a new book. 

Library: Our library session takes place on Wednesdays. Please make sure your child brings their book on that day if they want to change it. 

2023 - 2024


Autumn 2 2023



In science, we have been finding out more about the circulation system. We began by making blood to help us understand what blood is made from.


IMG_4998.JPG  IMG_4999.JPG  IMG_5007.JPG    IMG_5010.JPG


In science, we have also been investigating how our pulse rate can be effected by exercise. We completed different exercises for 1 minute and then checked our pulse rate. Star jumps and running increased our pulse rate significantly. 


IMG_5115.JPG  IMG_5116.JPG   IMG_5117.JPG   IMG_5118.JPG  IMG_5119.JPG



We had the opportunity to examine and discuss a range of historical arfefacts - linked to Remembrance Day.  See more pictures in the link at the foot of the page. 


IMG_4942.JPG  IMG_4980.JPGIMG_4956.JPG


We also painted poppy pictures in the style of Monet.

IMG_5072.JPG    IMG_5074.JPG

Book club  


This year, we have introduced book club where we talk about, discuss and share our favourite books. Each week, a child gets to choose their favourite biscuit to share with the class.








In our novel time. we have been reading the novel - Wonder. Wonder is a powerful story of a 10-year-old boy named August Pullman, who has a facial anomaly. He is an ordinary kid who plays Xbox, is obsessed with Star Wars, but despite the 27 operations done for his face he will never look normal.  The novel has realluy made us think about how we treat others.


Autumn 1 2023


Whitehough Residential Autumn 2023

What a fantastic time we had. We were brave and resilient and our behaviour was fantastic.  See the gallery below for more pictures.


IMG_0083.JPG     IMG_0106.JPG   IMG_0341.JPG

In our novel time and during our English lesson, we are reading the novel 'Running Wild' by Michael Morpurgo.  This is a very sad novel. Ask us a little more about it. 


Running wild.jpg


Year six have been finding out how messages travel, in packets, between IP addresses. This week, we completed a drama to show how they travelled.

IMG_4568.JPG  IMG_4569.JPG    IMG_4570.JPG   IMG_4571.JPG



We have been reading Running Wild in English,  This week, we thought about the theme of the story. We acted out our ideas and other children guessed the theme. (see the gallery below for more photos)



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