Governing Body


The Governors are the employers and are responsible for appointing staff.

Membership of the Governing Body:

Miss R Moulden             Associate Headteacher  
Mrs W Harvey Chair of Governors Foundation 
Rev L Hilliard Vice Chair Foundation
Miss S Spencer   Foundation
Mr H Simpson Chair of Resources



Afaira Gulrez

Nazma Shajat    Parent
Vacancy   Parent
Mrs J Hartley   Staff Governor
Mrs M Dugdale   Foundation

Mr F Higson

Mrs R Khaliq




Mrs K Macdonald   Observer


Much of the work of the Governing body is achieved through its committees:

  • Admissions/Grievance/Performance Management
  • Finance/Health & Safety
  • Curriculum/Staffing
  • SEC – School Effectiveness Committee

Our Chair of Governors Mrs W. Harvey can be contacted through the school office.

Our Clerk to Governors is ........ who can be contacted through the school office.



The full governing body meets once each term and apart from specific responsibilities for curriculum, finance and employment it has responsibility for overall School strategy. The Governors visit school regularly in order to keep abreast of the quality of provision which we offer.

In consultation with the Headteacher they are responsible for the Finance, Curriculum, Management and Discipline of the school. They have regular full meetings and work the Headteacher, Diocese and Local Authority to enable the school to perform its functions. Governors are re-elected every four years.

Whilst not directly involved in the day to day running of the school (this is the role of the Headteacher and school staff) the governors are there to offer advice, expertise and to work with the school to help it provide facilities and policies which allow all pupils and staff to develop and achieve to the best of their potential.

The Governing Body acts as a critical friend and works with the school to help it be successful as well as to question what we do and make us accountable.

In a Voluntary Aided School the Governors are Trustees of the premises. They are responsible for all maintenance, repairs, improvements and extensions. Major work and improvements attract a 90% grant from the D f E. The remaining 10% and minor improvement costs have to be met by the Governing body.


Governors Action Plan 2019/20

Governors Action Plan 2018/19

Governors Action Plan 2017/18

Governors Action Plan 2016/17 in response to SIAMs inspection


Meetings and Structures


The full governing body usually meets once per term.  Most governors also sit on one or two committees, which meet more frequently. Committees also usually meet once per term, in time to report on their work to the full governing body meeting. 







Tuesday , 8th October 2019 – 1.00 pm               

Tuesday, 4th February 2020 – 1.00 pm

Tuesday, 12th May 2020 – 1.00 pm


Tuesday , 8th October 2019 – 2.00 pm

Tuesday, 4th February 2020– 2.00 pm

Tuesday, 12th May 2020 – 2.00 pm


Wednesday, 13th November 2019 – 4.00 pm 

Wednesday, 11th March 2020 – 4.00 pm     

Wednesday, 1st  July 2020 -  4.00 pm  










Each committee has its own Terms of Reference.  Individual governors also take on specific responsibilities e.g. linked to a subject area such as literacy or numeracy, or a focus area such as special educational needs (SEND) or child protection.

The Governing body is, therefore rightly proud of the achievements of the school, not only in terms of its academic achievement, but also in the solid foundations it provides in preparing all our pupils for the remainder of their formative education.  Our community matters and our commitment to high expectations for all is at the core of everything that we do.




Admissions, Staff Discipline/Dismissal/Staff Attendance/Dismissal

One Vacancy to be filled at the Autumn Term Full Governing Body meeting 
Mrs. J. Hartley


Committee of Appointed Governors/Performance Management/Pay

Two Vacancies to be filled at the Autumn Term Full Governing Body meeting
Reverend L Hilliard

Grievance/Pay Appeals/Complaints/Pupil Discipline

Any 3 untainted Governors 


Pay Committee

Mrs W Harvey

Reverend L Hilliard

One untainted Governor


Staffing Review & Dismissal Committee

Mrs W Harvey

Reverend L Hilliard

One Vacancy to be filled at the Autumn Term Full Governing Body meeting


Staffing Review & Dismissal Appeals Committee

One Vacancy to be filled at the Autumn Term Full Governing Body meeting

Mr H Simpson

Miss S Spencer


Mrs. J. Hartley
Mrs. W. Harvey

Class Governors

Reception - Mrs. W. Harvey
Year 1 - Mr. H. Simpson
Year 2 - One Vacancy to be filled at the Autumn Term Full Governing Body meeting
Years 3/4 - One Vacancy to be filled at the Autumn Term Full Governing Body meeting
Years 4/5 - Miss S. Spencer
Year 6 - 

Curriculum & Standard & Effectiveness

Two vacancies to be filled at the Autumn Term Full Governing Body meeting
Mrs. W. Harvey
Reverend L. Hilliard

Nominated Governors

Numeracy - One Vacancy to be filled at the Spring Term Full Governing Body meeting
RE and Worship - Reverend L. Hilliard
Science - Mrs. W. Harvey
Modern Foreign Languages - Mrs. J. Hartley
SEN - Miss S Spencer
Child Protection - Mrs W. Harvey
Link - Mrs. J. Hartley
Assessment Governor - Mrs. W. Harvey


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