School Council

What is it?

The School Council discuss and make decisions about issues that affect the school, they are democracy in action.  The School Council of Nelson St Philip's meet every other Week with Mrs Mahmood and we open all our meetings with a prayer. The meetings are used for school Councillors to express their views; the views of their classmates and make decisions.  If a pupil has a problem or suggestion they take it to the Class Councillor who then takes it to the next council meeting. There are two representatives from each class.

Our school council is also involved in interviewing people for vacancies in school and they devise their own questions to ask based on the job description! 

The school Councillors are very much active citizens and are often chosen to represent the school in the wider community for example, visiting local Councillors and the Town Hall;  conducting surveys within our local community and  taking part in the Jullundur Project visiting the Battlefields of Belgium with the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment are just some of the actions we have taken part in during the last twelve months.

How to Join our School Council?

We elect our School Council in September every year and Mrs Mahmood collects a black voting box from the Town Hall and the whole school votes for their class candidates in the school Hall.  We try to make conditions just like adults experience when they are voting in an election.   Previously, we have had a policeman come along.  Two pupils are elected from each class with children having voted on the candidates from each class who they think will represent them the best.

If you want to be a part of our School Council make sure you prepare your speech in advance of election time and let your teacher know that you would like to stand for Council.

Every Pupil has a voice - make sure yours is heard - let your Councillors know your views!

 In our first meeting we elected our chairman, vice chairperson, and secretary.

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