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We are a class of 30 children in years 4 and 5.  We are taught by Mrs Akram and supported throughout the week by Mr Bowie and Mrs Romanska. 


Key Information  

PE: This will take place this year each Wednesday and will be taught by Mr Bowie.  Children must wear their full PE kit to school that day.  Swimming takes place every Tuesday

Reading:  Every child will read to an adult at least once a week. Our book changing days in class are Monday and Friday.  If your child has read at home and their reading record book is signed, they will receive a new book. 

Library:  Our library session day is Tuesday.  

If you have any questions or anything you want to tell me, please E-mail me. My email address is:

Year four multiplication check

Please find a link below for information on the year four multiplication check: 

Please ask Mrs Macdonald if you need any further guidance:

Year four multiplication check


Year four multiplication check 

Use the links below to practice your times tables.

Times tables practice 1

Times tables practice 2

Times tables practice 3

Times tables practice 4


Prayer and Spirituality Day

During Prayer and Spirituality Day, we have enjoyed taking part in a range of actiivites such as prayer labyrinth, artwork and thankyou prayers. See our gallery at the bottom of the page for more photos. 

IMG_1205.JPG   IMG_1202.JPG



Christmas themed stuffed toys

In DT, we have been using a blanket stitch to make Christmas themed stuffed toys. See our gallery at the bottom of the page for more photos. 

IMG_0994.JPG   IMG_0996.JPG

Practical Maths 

In Maths, we have been having fun whilst learning how to find the area of compound shapes.


Snowman Investigation 

In Science, Year 5 have been investigating how to stop a snowman from melting. See our gallery at the bottom of the page for more photos. 

IMG_0713.JPG             IMG_0714.JPG


In Music, we have been learning how to play the Glockenspiel. Listen to us play by scrolling to the bottom of the page. 

Egyptian Inventions

In History, we have been exploring a range of Egyptian artefacts to learn about inventions. Did you know the Egyptians were the first people to invent papyrus (paper) and makeup?

IMG_0854.JPG   IMG_0856.JPG


Autumn Term 1     

Trip to Towneley

On Tuesday 12th October, Class Towneley enjoyed a visit to Towneley Hall where they became archaeologists and explored a range of Ancient Egyptian artefacts. The children enjoyed seeing a statue of a mummy and even mummified one of their friends!



Artefacts Exploration 



Canopic Jars 

We used Mod Roc and wire to create our own Canopic Jar sculptures. We even decorated them using hieroglyphics. 


Jingle Bells 

Class Towneley have been working incredibly hard developing their skills playing the glockenspiel. We put it all together to create the festive song 'Jingle Bells'.




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