Victorian artefacts

Lesson: History

Class: Barley Year: 2021 - 2022

This half term, we have been learning what life may have been like for children who were in school 150 Years ago. Over thge past few weeks, we have compared clothing, toys and ways of learning. Here are some of our thoughts...

"The teachers were very strict and the toys were very old. They were made out of wood and some were made out of metal. Some children who spoke in class would get hit with the cane and were sent to put the dunce cap on."  Jannat Ul Naeem

"In the Victorian times, the schools were dark and the classrooms wern't colourful. If the children got something wrong, they had to write lines a hundred times." Leon Howorth

"Some of the teachers were bad because they shouted at kids if they were bad. They had a dunce cap and if the kids were bad, they got hit on their knuckles and their hands were put in finger stocks." Samee Zaroof 

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