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Date: 2nd Jun 2020 @ 12:13pm

Autumn Term 2020

Week 3:

Wow! We have completed our first week of full timetable and what a very busy week it has been. Here's just a few of the exciting things we've been learning:  In English, we've started reading and exploring the book Paddington Bear, in maths, using and representing numbers to 100/1000 and we've been developing our throwing, catching and defending skills in PE. We've also investigated the north and south poles of magnets in Science and learnt all about a Jewish festival called Sukkot in RE.  The children have put 100% effort into all the tasks and I am sure they were looking forward to a rest at the weekend as much as the staff were. 

This is my most favourite photograph of the week! What an amazing action shot! 

Our super star this week is Aaiza. She has been given the award for trying extremely hard to use our new handwriting scheme in all lessons.  A big well done! 

Ten 'times-tables' certificates were given out today too! I hope there will be even more next week! 

That's all for now! 

Mrs Swire



Weeks 1 & 2:

What a super start we have had in class Marsden this school year! The children have made me so unbelievably proud with the effort they have put into every lesson!  The days fly by so fast and sometimes we don't know where the time goes! 

They have coped amazingly well with the new 'normal' in class and they are used to seeing the staff in visors: 


We all continue to learn daily as we find better/more effective ways to do the things we have to do to keep safe such as regular cleaning of hands and staying within our class bubble. 

I have seen some amazing writing, maths, reading and art this week and cannot wait to get stuck into all our lessons now the children have completed their mini assessments for each subject. 

I will upload our collaborative art for you all to see! 

A big well done to our class superstars: 

Week 1: Aadil

Week 2: Saira-Eshaal 

I am looking forward to seeing what week three will bring! 

Mrs Swire 




School year 2019 - 2020 

Week 7: 13th July 2020

So, here we are - the final week of the year.  It is so sad that we are ending this school year like this. I do wish we had been able to say goodbye to each other in our classroom but we have to stay at home to stay safe, so we will have to say goodbye on here.  

We will continue with the 'School' theme this week and there's lots of fun tasks to complete over the week. 

I really enjoy seeing all the work you send me.  I am looking forward to the work you send this week. 

Have a great time! 

Mrs Swire 


Week 6: 6th July 2020

Well, we are now into a new month - July! Where is time going? I cannot believe we only have two weeks of school left. 

We have two themes really over the next two weeks.  English is focussing on a fabulous book called 'The Worst Children in the World!' By Jonna Nadin.  I can't wait for you to hear the story. I wonder if some of the characters do things that you do or like? I wonder if I am like their teacher? I wonder how the headteachers compare?  It is great to see the author reading the opening part of the book (see our home learning page)

Our second theme, whilst still linked to schools, is linked to you. What are you like as a learner? Who are your friends? How do you feel about moving to a new year group? And lots more fun Art/PSHE type activities. 

I am sure you will enjoy these tasks over the next two weeks! 

Have fun! 

Mrs Swire 



Week 5: 29th June 2020

We've a really cool theme for our learning this week ~ Dragons! 

Mr Swire is crazy about dragons, I know if he was at school, he would be excited about this topic. 

There's lots of activites for you to do and don't forget to send me some pictures of the work you complete! I have also added a link to a 'How to Draw a Dragon' task. I think I will have a go at this one myself! 

I hope you all have a super week! 

Take Care 

Mrs Swire


Week 4: 22nd June 2020

I am so excited about our learning this week as it is all about 'Bees'  

The reason I am excited, is because I have made a 'bee friendly garden' with my family during lockdown. Here are some photographs. Some of the flowers are yet to bloom, so we can't wait for them to open.


Maybe you have some lovely flowers in your garden/yard that attracts bees? I would love to see some photographs if you have! 

I hope you enjoy the learning tasks this week and I am looking forward to seeing some of the work you create! 

Have a fabulous week everyone! 

Mrs Swire 



Week 3: 15th June 2020 

Well, this week we have moved over to our new school website - what a big but exciting job this has been! We hope you all like it and find it easier to navigate.

Our home learning theme this week is 'Houses' and our core text is Hansel and Gretel! This was one of my favouirte stories as a child and oh boy, would I like to live in the house made of sweets!  There's some great tasks to complete this week from deisgining and describing your own gingerbread house in English, to sketching your own house in art. I cannot wait to see some of the work you manage to complete! 

Oh and as I type this blog (sat out in my garden), I am keeping my fingers crossed that the sun keeps shining for the rest of the week because it is wonderful to be outsde again! 

Have a super week! Send me pictures of work you are proud of! 

Mrs Swire 


Week 2: 8th June 2020

This week, our learning theme is based on gardening. The title is 'Green Up' and it's aim is for the children to look at plants in more detail, focssing on what they produce both inside their home and outdoors.

Due to the position of our school, we don't have a green space in our playgrounds. I have asked the children to write persuasive letters to our new headteacher Miss Moulden, to ask her if we can develop a green space to enjoy.  

I have now managed to add two more blogs to our class page. One showing images of children carrying out a range of activities over Lock Down and one showing just a few examples of the work I have been sent over the past few months.  Why not pop over there to have a look at them now? 

Here's to another successful week of learning! 

Take Care everyone! 

Mrs Swire 


Week 1: 1st June 2020

Here we are in our final term of the school year-  where or where has time gone? It has been a strange year due to school closures as a result of COVID 19. 

As we enter this final term, I remain immensly proud of the effort the children in Class Marsden are putting into their home learning and into their well being.  I recieve emails of work and photographs of lots of fun things the children are getting up to, all of which make me feel connected to my wonderful class. 

We continue to have theme based learning. For English and non-core subjects, we are focussing on Wallace and Gromit - I think they are amazing! In maths we are revising our place value skills and of course our daily Fluent in Five challenges. 

The sunshine means we are able to get outside and enjoy our gardens and I know some of the children have enjoyed watching things they have planted grow over the weeks. 

I'll keep you posted with updates on learning! 

Mrs Swire 

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