Class Marsden Hall of Fame

Date: 7th Jan 2021 @ 7:56am

Will your work appear in my 'Hall of Fame?' 

I will upload work that has impressed each day.  I will be looking for a number of things when you send me your work such as: presentation, the content, the effort and whether it matches the quality of work you do in school.


Hadi sent in some excellent work today but I wanted to share his super answer in RE with you all.


Some excellent English work sent in today by Aaiza! 

aaiza english.jpg



Saira-Eshaal sent me this super science work showing her understanding of the life cycle of plants. 

saira science.jpg


Adam has created this amazing volcano, linking his creative skills to our Geography topic.  

Asad has also created a super pen pot using an old container. 

Aimah has created this fabulous pen holder by re-using an old plastic bottle. 


Look at Sara's amazing sea collage linked to our World Book Day text: Protect the Planet! 


Athif has worked super hard on his maths today.

Look at this fabulous piece of art in the style of Thetis Blacker by Sahil.


Two super role on the walls creted in English today: 


Look at these leaflets that were created all about the three types of rock in Science:





I have seen photographs and videos of some super readers today in English! 



What a super 'letter in a bottle' by Hadi. 

I have been sent in some amazing 'screen-free' earth tasks today: 




Harvey has mastered using a number line to find the difference in maths when working out change. 

Anwaar, Hibanoor and Saira Eshaal have shown off their lovely joined up writing when copying this winter poem in the handwriting lesson today. 



Ethan amazed me with his fabulous evaluation of the work by our new artisit today.  He has also asked some super questions for us to find out. 


I got some amazing similes in English today - here is a small selection of the work sent in.  I am looking forward to seeing some of this new vocabulary in their work soon. 




Look at these super pictures of the earth's layers completed in Geography today.  




Harvey and Adam recorded themselves reading their version of the Sound Collector poem. 


Ethan worked extremely hard when writing his poem up in his neatest writing today. 


Aadil showed me his beautiful handwriting when writing up his version of the Sound Collector. 


Hadi was able to word process his fabulous poem today. 

Look at Aimah's fabulous rainbow writing in spellings. 


I have been so impressed with Sahil's word processing skills this week.  Today, in English, he typed up his innovated version of 'The Sound Collector' poem. 


Be prepared to see some amazing 'snowy scene' pictures that the children created in Computing/Art today! 





Hadi's answers in his reading lesson today were amazing! 

Adam took his reading task one step further today by acting in role as Mr Bragg. Click the picture to watch him in perform. 

Our music task today was to create a musical instrument. Look at all these super creations...


Aleemuddin has worked very hard on his reading task today and has written some amazing answers. I can see how hard he has worked on his handwriting too. 

Sahil has drawn some super images to help him remember these homophones. 


Sahil's work is always beautifully presented.  He sent some fabulous English work. 


Come back soon to see the children reading their short stories! 


Ethan (Year 4) has worked exceptionally hard in reading. 

Viktor (Year 4) made four fabulous predictions in reading.


As we've had a lot of snow again this week, I changed my art lesson to something snow related.  Look at these amazing snowmen the children have sent me. 




Anwaar (year 3) created an excellent spelling doodle today! 


Look at these amazing Celtic shields desgined in History: 



A huge well done to Sahil (Year 3) for sending me an excellent opener and build up to his story in English - what a super start to writing week. 




Today I wanted to show off these boys. They completed some of Mr Ashworth's PE challenges as today was our PE day. 



I was so impressed with all of this English work today! 




Hibanoor (Year 3) has completed some excellent spelling and English work and I am so impressed with her presentation! 


Asad (Year 3) has sent me a super reflection following today's worship. 

Harvey (Year 3) has impressed me with his super maths work today. 


Zoya (Year 3)  has completed some amazing maths work today. 



Sahil (Year 3) has sent in amazing work again today. Here's some French (colour by numbers) and Maths work. 


Zeeshan (Year 3) has worked very hard on his spelling task today! 

Hadi (year 3) has drawn a super picture of a Hill Fort in History and shown good understanding of his colours in French. 


Asad (Year 3) has drawn a super picture of a Hill Fort in History and created an excellent emotion graph in English. 


Hibanoor (Year 3) has shown excellent understanding of the new vocabulary she will hear in guided reading, by placing them in her own sentences. She has also painted a super picture of a Hill Fort in History. . 


Saira Eshaal (Year 4) created this super picture of a Hill Fort in History. 



Adam (Year 3) is the first to appear on here today.  We have an amazing symmetrical pattern in maths and a super rap in music (click his picture to watch it). 


Hadi (Year 3) has also created a super symmetrical pattern and an amazing rap in music. (Click his picture to watch it).


Zeeshan (Year 3) is joining the boys with his super body percussion name rap. (Click his picture to watch it). 

Harvey (Year 3) has sent in this fabulous symmetrical pattern that he completed in maths! 


Look at this amazing PSHE Human Rights poster that Asad (Year 3) has drawn! 

Here is some excellent maths work from Hadi (Year 3) 

Humaira (Year 3) has written a super prediction today. 


Sahil (Year 3) has sent me a fantastic KWP grid in English.  This shows me what he wants to know and what he predicts is going to happen from events we've read so far. 

Adam (Year 3) Also completed an amazing KWP grid in English! 

Humaira (Year 3) has sent in some super art work. 


Prepared to be scared... Here are the amazing skeleton images I have been sent today.  I am totally amazed! 





Aadil and Zoya (both Year 3) have used evidence from the text to support the 'True or False' task in English. Fantastic.




Zoya (Year 3) showed excellent inference today in her reading task.  

Hibanoor (Year 3) has completed some amazing maths work.  She knows when an angle is greater than or less than a right angle. 

Hadi (year 3) sent me some super colour monsters for French.

Some fantastic colour monsters created in French today by Harvey (Year 3).  

I am so impressed with these colour monsters that  Ayaan Q, Year 3, has created for French today! 

Zakariya (Year 4) has worked very hard in reading today - I can see he has really thought about the image to infer such super answers! 

Anwaar (Year 3) has really impressed me today with all his learning but in particular, I loved the work he completed in English and also his colour monsters in French. 


Asad (Year 3) has also created some fabulous colour monsters in French today! 



We have something a little different to show off today. Adam recorded himself in role as the main character from our story.  Click his photo to see him in action.  Well done Adam! 

Asad has sent in some super angle work today. 


I wanted to share two pieces of work from Asad in Year 3 today. His presentation is wonderful.  Excellent spelling and shape work. 


Harvey's presentation in his book is fantastic EVERYDAY - here's some of his super work! 

Adam has shown fantastic understanding of shape properties today. 

Humaira worked hard on Purple Mash. She completed the Minotaur's Maze logo task! 


Saira-Eshaal has worked very hard in English and has linked the character's emotions to events in the story. 

Humaira (year 3) has made a super prediction using her knowledge of the story so far! 


Hadi has created an amazing piece of art today using his pencil to create light and dark tones. 

Harvey has two pieces of work on here today: His English character work linked to Emoji Emotions was excellent, as were his shading skills using just his pencil in art. 


Sara (Year 4) has worked very hard in English today - look at her lovely presentation too. 

Sahil (Year 3) also has two pieces of work I'd like to show off today.  His shading in art is amazing.  I also thought his drawing using parallel and perpendicular lines in maths was fabulous. 



Ethan has sent in some super phonics work and Fluent in Five (see just his word sort table).  He has worked very hard! 

Aadil and Hadi (both Year 3) have made some super predictions using what they have read in the text to support it.   I wonder how close they are to what really happens? 


Sara (year 4) created excellent sentences linked to her spelling. She also used the a/an rule! 


Anwaar worked hard on Purple Mash. He completed the Minotaur's Maze logo task! 

We have some super English work by Zoya (Year 3) and Aadil (Year 3). They had to tell me all about Barry, one of the main characters in the story. 


Sahil (Year 3) and Anwaar (Year 3) created some super sentences using their spellings showing good understanding of their meaning. 



I have four pieces of work to add to our Hall of Fame today! 

Some fabulous RE work by Zoya (Year 3). I love your thoughts at the end about being kind.  Well done :-) 

Aleemuddin (year 3) has sent in some fabulous English work - well done! A super prediction building on what you already know! 

Hadi (year 3), has also send me some fabulous English work :-) Well done! 

Anwwar's super spelling work - well done! (year 3) 


Super maths and Fluent in Five by Sahil (Year 3).  Great effort with presentation too - well done yes


An amazinig poem linked to the short animation: The Lighthouse by Adam (Year 3).  Super work laugh

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