Religious Education

The teaching of RE across EYFS, KS1 and KS2

At St. Philip’s, we follow the Diocesan Board of Education Syllabus for the teaching of RE. RE is now taught across mixed year groups on a cycle A/B/C programme in both key stages, except Year 6.

Class Pendle: Reception/Year 1 (Cycle A/B/C)

Class Barley: Year 1/ Year 2 (Cycle A/B/C)

Class Marsden: Year 3/ Year 4 (Cycle A/B/C)

Class Towneley: Year 4/ Year 5 (Cycle A/B/C)

Class Wycoller: Year 6 (Year 6 units)


We have a variety of topic related resources which are specific to RE throughout school and we have recently purchased additional artefacts to support our teaching of other world faiths. We subscribe to NATRE which gives our teachers the opportunity to engage with up to date information and online resources.

Pupil Progress & Assessment

Through using the syllabus “Questful RE” provided by Blackburn Diocese, we provide both continuity and progression for the children across all strands of Reception and across both key stages. Although key celebrations such as Christmas and Easter may be visited many times during a child’s time in school, a different aspect and learning experience will be covered, so that progression can be seen in the quality and depth of learning.  Evidence of work in Religious Education can be found in children’s RE books, on wall displays, in collective worship, and in the way both children and adults treat and respect each other. Each class also have their own floor book that they begin in KS1. This moves up with them as they grow so that they can reflect on their spiritual journey throughout their years at St Philip's. 

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